• It is RTI's dedication to provide goods with the highest quality and the most competitive cost.
  • RTI is sure to satisfy the customer about our raw material and manufacturing process.
  • RTI is sure to provide the shortest lead time and global service to all of the customers.


The key advantage that RTI offers to those looking for Design is achieved through optimized design, prototype and test so that customer has their product to market in shortest time frame. Products are designed which can be manufactured using most efficient and lowest cost on production method.

Service & Support

Majority of RTI customers are leaders in their industries, our extension depth of offerings supports to customer requirements from low volume, high complexity custom products. In regards to today's competitiveness, tighter cost control and shorter lead time are keys to service our partners so that they can perform more efficiently, and in a timely manner.  

Import / Export distribution support

RTI can also provide international order fulfillment, allowing us to ship to our customers worldwide.

Quality & Product assurance

RTI guarantee products to be tested per customers requirements as well as meeting all international quality standards to ensure zero defects. Products are put to rigorous test methods, extreme conditions to ensure highest quality products to our customers.